What is Trained by Tyler

Trained by Tyler is an organization geared toward accelerating sales performance and increasing sales revenue. Whether that be through one-time consulting services or part-time sales management, Trained by Tyler is here to ensure the highest level of success for your sales organization.


Over the past decade I have worked in almost every capacity of the sales process, from business development to managing multiple emerging markets for an international software development firm. I have worked in multiple industries including ERP software, real estate sales, website design, advertising, and data aggregation. I have also worked directly with various teams such as development, marketing, legal, accounting, and directly with CEO’s to ensure success for these products and services. Through the years I have gained valuable skills as a sales professional that I can bring to your business and help accelerate your sales performance.


Often, in small to mid-size businesses, employees wear multiple hats.  When a new project or opportunity comes along, it becomes more difficult to find someone who has the resources to work on it effectively. Options may include giving the project to someone who does not have the proper time to dedicate to it, hire additional employees, or simply not do the project at all. Trained by Tyler realizes that smaller businesses typically run fairly lean when it comes to staffing, so we offer a new, flexible alternative.  We can come in at a fraction of the cost to hire a new employee and dedicate the necessary time and resources to successfully accomplish the project.


Trained by Tyler is also flexible in our options for service. We can work with you as a consultant on any upcoming projects such as finding a new software to manage business more effectively, hiring new employees, revamping marketing methods and materials, or training for new and/or existing sales staff. We can also offer part-time sales management services for organizations that have an existing sales staff, but not a full-time sales manager. Trained by Tyler can assist in creating a proven and repeatable sales process that can increase the number of qualified leads, standardize sales best practices, increase new clients, and retain existing clients.  We can offer this service at a fraction of the cost it would be to hire a full-time sales manager.


Utilizing toolsets and experience learned over the past 10 years, Trained by Tyler can work with your organization to ensure we accelerate sales performance and increase your revenue. To learn more about the services offered or to discuss a project, contact Tyler Clemens at Tyler@TrainedByTyler.com or 303.775.9022.

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