The Rise of KYC (or KYP)

Too many salespeople feel they do not have the relevant information they need before they call their clients or prospects.  This is especially true with inside sales teams who are handed a call list and expected to simply call.  With the technology available today, this is a statistic that can be easily reversed, and many companies are now putting a higher importance on “know your client” (KYC), or in the net new capacity, “know your prospect” (KYP).

There are a number of tools salespeople can use today to prepare themselves prior to making a phone call.  One of the most important and convenient is LinkedIn.    LinkedIn provides multiple benefits to a salesperson including looking for similar connections, prior work experience, and skills and endorsements.  One of the most relevant areas that is typically overlooked is the content your prospect is interested in and posting about.  This information can give you insights into the type of information your prospect deems important. If you are not utilizing LinkedIn today you are starting at a disadvantage.

Social media has broken into the sales process in a very big way.  I recommend following or at least looking at your client’s or prospect’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds.  Looking through their recent posts can provide information about important business initiatives, new products or services, and recent awards or accolades that can help build rapport and kick off a conversation.  In fact, 90% of the top sellers today are using social media as part of their sales process.

Another tool that can be utilized very easily is Google Alerts.  You can use these alerts to get an email any time your prospect or client is in the news.  It could be a press release that the company releases and you want to reach out to congratulate them.  You could receive news that a client is acquiring a new portfolio which provides you an opportunity for an upsell.  Whatever the news, this tool can help you keep up to date with your clients and provide a great reason to reach out to them.

Of course, the company website is still a very viable option.  You can use the company website to gather qualifying information about your prospect, find top executives in the company and note any changes, or take a look at the company blog.  What seems to be the most important and pressing items on the website, and how can you use these to build rapport with your prospects?


Most sales reps feel unprepared when making phone calls to their clients and prospects.  There are an increasing number of tools that salespeople can use to counteract this statistic.  For more ideas, tips, and tricks to KYC (or KYP) contact Tyler at or 303.775.9022.

Trained By Tyler Clemens The Rise of KYC

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