Sales Management

Is managing your sales staff taking time away from focusing on other important tasks to run your business?  Then you need Trained by Tyler.  Tyler has a 10-year track record of success in sales management.  Not only has he accelerated the sales performance of existing teams, he has also been successful expanding sales teams, building teams in new geographic regions, and breaking into emerging markets.

Why look at a part time sales manager?  Typically, small business owners cannot, or do not want to, pay for an experienced sales manager.  Hiring an experienced sales manager is simply too high of a payroll expense.  They may try to find a sales manager for less, but with less money you receive less experience and less success.  A part time sales manager, similar to a fractional CFO, can provide years of experience and knowledge at a fraction of the cost of a full-time sales manager.

Trained by Tyler will focus on building out a proven and repeatable sales process across the sales and marketing organizations.  We can provide an initial business process review and offer recommendations on where business is running well, and where there are areas for improvement.  From the initial business assessment, we can structure a sales management plan to accelerate your sales performance and increase your revenue.

To learn more about these services and the initial business process review, reach out to Tyler at or 303.775.9022.