Cold Calling 101

Today, the C-Level executives in an organization are flooded with cold calls from sales reps pushing the latest and greatest widgets. If a CFO is getting 100 cold calls per day, they may tell their gatekeeper that they can let through only 1 call per day. How do you make sure that YOU are that one call that gets transferred? Here are three quick tricks that can get you on your way.

Cold Calling 101 Tips from Tyler

  1. Write a script. Have you ever received a phone call or voicemail from a friend who stumbled over their words, didn’t effectively communicate what they wanted, and at the end of the call or voicemail you still weren’t sure what they wanted? It can be frustrating, right? Those are the calls that will not get returned by your prospect. Write a script before you make a phone call. You should not necessarily read the script, but practice it a few times before you make the call so that you are comfortable with what you’re going to say. A bullet-pointed script can be very helpful in keeping you on task as well.
  2. Have a goal. A salesperson should never make a phone call in which there is not an end goal to the call. Is the goal to introduce yourself to a new prospect and set up a 10-minute block of time to discuss potential benefits of your product or service? Is the goal to set up a demonstration or ask for the close? Maybe the goal is to check in on a current client and ask for a referral. Whatever the goal may be, keep that in your mind as you make the phone call and ensure that you are continually moving the call forward to reach that goal. Never end a call without at least asking for your goal.
  3. Be confident. Many salespeople get bogged down with knowing every detail of their product or service, or having the answer to every single question. While it is important to know your product or service and be able to answer at least basic questions, being confident is more important. You must remember that 99% of the time, even if you’re new to a company, you know more about your product or service than the prospect that you are calling. If they ask a question and you are unsure what they mean, confidently ask them for more clarification. Most likely the prospect will be happy that you are taking the time to fully understand their needs before looking for answers.

Nearly 13% of all jobs in the US are full-time sales positions. In this sea of salespeople, you must stand out when making your cold calls. While using the 3 tips above is not the magic bullet to cold calls, it will ensure that your message is clear and effective to your prospects and thus increase the response rate.

To learn more cold calling tips and tricks, or to discuss a future project, reach out to Tyler Clemens at or 303.775.9022.

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