Month: December 2017

Sales Advice

Cold Calling 101

Today, the C-Level executives in an organization are flooded with cold calls from sales reps pushing the latest and greatest widgets. If a CFO is getting 100 cold calls per day, they may tell their gatekeeper that they can let through only 1 call per day. How do you make […]

Sales Advice

The Rise of KYC (or KYP)

Too many salespeople feel they do not have the relevant information they need before they call their clients or prospects.  This is especially true with inside sales teams who are handed a call list and expected to simply call.  With the technology available today, this is a statistic that can […]


What is Trained by Tyler

Trained by Tyler is an organization geared toward accelerating sales performance and increasing sales revenue. Whether that be through one-time consulting services or part-time sales management, Trained by Tyler is here to ensure the highest level of success for your sales organization.   Over the past decade I have worked […]