Do you have a corporate initiative you’d like to achieve but don’t have the time, resources, or specialized knowledge to move forward efficiently and effectively?  Trained By Tyler is here to help you accomplish these goals.  Whether it be hiring, reviewing sales and marketing processes, selecting new software, one time or recurring sales training, or more Trained by Tyler has to expertise to get your project to the finish line.

Sales Management


Are you spending a large portion of your time with the sales staff, leaving little time to handle other aspects of running your business?  Trained By Tyler can take on those sales management and coaching responsibilities.  With over a decade of experience managing and building sales teams we can work with you to create a proven and repeatable sales process, coach individual salespeople, and increase sales revenue.


I began working for Tyler soon after graduating college with very little sales experience under my belt but was consistently surpassing quotas after 1 month of coaching from Tyler. I can safely say Tyler is one of the most dedicated and hardworking individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working for. Whether it’s leading a sales team or running a 100 mile race, Tyler approaches everything he does with such tenacity and constantly inspires those around him to reach their full potential. Tyler is a proven leader with a natural ability to teach, coach, inspire and cultivate successful sales executives. Tyler played an integral part of honing my skills as a salesperson and I consider myself incredibly lucky to have found a lifelong coach, mentor and friend in Tyler.

RJ Rotman
RJ Rotman Strategic Account Director at Juniper Square

I was a client when Tyler was with the international real estate software company; he was the industry sales principal. He single-handedly saved us from moving to another software company by listening and really understanding our concerns. Tyler is easily accessible and always conducts with integrity and courteousness. Whenever we had concerns, he always made time for us, listened with empathy, and took immediate actions to get issues resolved in our favor. With Tyler, I always felt that he was working for us and not as our vendor. I have absolutely no doubt that Tyler will bring the highest level of professionalism, work ethic , and passion to ensure success of any business initiatives. When I need the best sales management consultant or trainer, I would quickly turn to Tyler because I believe that success follows a person with trustworthy personal traits, endearing values, and business know-how.

Joon Chang
Joon Chang Accounting Director at Issaquah Highlands Community Association

Tyler has worked with myself and my company for over 3 years providing much needed and friendly assistance. It was his personal care, his honesty in the product as well as the service, as well as the knowledge he used to provide what our company was looking for and desperately needed that has set him above many other professionals that I have worked with in my career.

Mike B.
Mike B. Chicago, IL

About Tyler Clemens

Tyler Clemens has over a decade of professional sales experience in Business Development, Inside Sales, Outside Sales, ERP Software Sales, Sales Management, and Sales Training. He has successfully built new sales teams and created customer-focused, value-based sales approaches to gain new clients, retain current clients, and grow revenue. Many of his trainees were quickly promoted and sales managers began seeking new hires who were “Trained By Tyler.”

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